Introducing Rejuvenate ME! Hair Spritz

A refreshing hair and scalp spritz with extra benefits…

I want a bottle!

Ken'z Strandz

It's what your hair wants. Handcrafted hair care products made with quality ingredients and good intentions.

How To Prepare Our Mineral Masque

  • Kiara

    This product feels just as heavenly as it smells. It locks in the moisture for sure but it feels like I'm touching air. My hair is days old and it still feels soft and fluffy. This product is great.

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  • Nekema

    In love with this oil love !!! My scalp has been so irritated and dry lately but this gave me the moisture I needed!

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  • Damahya

    Been using mine and I swear it just makes my scalp feel better....I never ever use oil but I'm loving it!

    Product Mentioned: Flower Nectar

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