About Us

Mission Statement:

Ken’z Strandz is a natural hair care company that focuses on providing the highest quality of ingredients to a black woman’s coarser textured hair strands. Our mission is to create and sustain a universal space for hair where our target consumers are aware of what ingredients are in their hair, and how they help to maintain its desired appearance and wellness.

    “Ken’z Strandz is a movement.” That it is. Owner, Kenya has been working to mend the often separated aspects of hair: styling and health. Kenya herself enjoys and believes in styling hair in many different and creative ways while ensuring her natural hair is also in check. She has witnessed different types of hair textures and styles being praised and criticized all over media and real life - and she wants this to end. But she knows that it has to begin with not only her but the rest of her generation. She strives to do so by providing all natural and handmade hair products, so that you keep your hair protected and healthy as you style it as you please. She is also prepared to advance in and subsequently offer styling for all types of hair in hopes of having a universal space for hair.

          At a young age, Kenya experienced severely dry scalp that even dermatologists couldn’t figure out or cure. In fact, their harsh, chemical-filled prescriptions made her condition even worse. So young Kenya took matters into her own hands and used household cooking oils to grow her hair from all the breakage the prescriptions caused. She didn’t know that she stumbled on a cure! After that moment, Kenya never looked back from her healthy hair journey, using only natural hair care products and she wanted others to be able to experience the magic of natural hair care as well. While exploring natural ingredients, Kenya also excelled in experimenting with different hair styles on herself and others. She realized that many people didn’t know or understand the importance of maintaining your hair’s health. Now, she’s determined to merge both hair styling and health, no matter what it takes.

Meaning behind the name:

Not her Strandz but OUR strands! Once you put your support and trust in Kenya by sharing, posting or using Ken’z Strandz products, she treats your hair as if it were her own and handles your strandz with care.