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All About the Strandshake

Get in the Know

What is the Strand Shake?

A lightweight hair milk with heavy moisture.

Our #1 Leave-In Conditioning Hair Milk! This hair milk is smooth, creamy and exactly what your hair needs after shampoo and conditioning! Use this leave-in hair milk to hydrate soften, detangle, and moisturize your strandz before styling or use alone. 

How much will it cost?

This leave-in conditioning hair milk will be priced at $18.99.

What are the key ingredients?

Hibiscus Seed Oil & Hibiscus Extracts:

Aids in deeply moisturizing hair strands, and helps to maintain healthy, shiny hair.

Ginseng Extract:

provides rejuvenation to hair shaft and provides healing to hair follicles

Slippery Elm:

promotes ease in detangling, and aids in strengthening hair shaft.

Pro Vitamin B5:

acts as a humectant to draw and bind moisture to the hair strands.

When will it be available?

This leave-in conditioning hair milk is now available on our online store.